Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendars!

All the details you need for our special day. Can't wait to see you there!

All the details you need for our special day. Can't wait to see you there!

Creating Space

Details of services

* Red Wheelbarrow: Workshops for healthcare providers to use writing, quiet and creativity to heal themselves 

*7Carry: Writing & Creativity Workshops for people who experienced pregnancies that did not deliver living babies

*Echo: Opportunities to use writing, movement and creativity to explore: gender, ambition, feelings, race, class ...

*Mehwish: Opportunities for businesspeople and parents to use writing, quiet and creativity to explore the uncertainties, support, successes ...

Announcing coming events


*I'm writing a book.



*October Opulence: October 29th

*October Opus: 31st

real testimonials

"I'm now able to be motivated". 

"You create a comfortable environment for everyone".

"You're respectful, thoughtful and competent"

"You're good with people, very analytical, and communicate ideas clearly"

Words for the Experience:  indispensable, delighted, pleased, impressive

Current deals

*Autumn/Fall Sale*


 *weekly special*

for referring a friend


For repeat editing requests

Sharing some big news

I've added a new service. 

I'm now available to write for a select number of people. 

I'll write bespoke creative pieces or assist you with business and professional writing.

Your FAQs

  • Do you have a writing qualification?

  • Yes, I have an MA in Writing from Warwick University (consistently in Top 10 UK)

  • I also have an undergraduate liberal arts degree, English major, from Agnes Scott College
  • *(ranked #1 for most innovative & #2 for best undergraduate teaching)

  • *What was your first writing workshop/conference experience?
  • I gave a poetry research presentation called "Maistrye in Black Poetry" at Harvard (for an IJAS conference) in May 2011.

Event Details


Curiosity, Flexibility, Quiet, Movement, Devotion

Workshop & Writing Guide

making as medicine, art as avenue, silence as safety

Feast Facts

Spaces are well lit, comfortable, in nature, pleasant, and nourishing


Wear radiant clothes to our pastoral locale and be prepared for varied weather and terrain.


Circles, traditions and food options will respect the needs of participants.


Don't miss any of our special events and arrange to have them captured with photos, in ways that respect everyone's privacy.

My Blog

My 2nd University

Warwick University

  • Consistently in UK Top 10
  • Beautiful countryside, amazing intellectuals, 150 countries represented

Warwick Accommodation

My private room had an en suite bathroom, a view of a lake, and efficient help

Warwick wow

  • I was surrounded by great people who won awards in their fields, published, and engaged society


hope to see you there!

Here's hoping we make this workshop an enjoyable one for everyone! Please share if you need special accommodations, or have any questions. 

Got Questions?